Restaurant to be together

Radio street 1, Riga, LV-1050

+371 22003555

Our values:
  • knowledge;
  • natural ingredients;
  • care and love.

 Open every day from 11:00-23:00

"KASDĀRZĀ" ( "Who is in the garden") is a restaurant to be together. It has spacious open air terraces on the banks of the Riga canal. Coming here you will sense the special atmosphere of this place. Our guests will be surprised by the interesting interior and the pleasant landscape - the beautiful city canal, green trees all around, blooming flowers and singing birds  just a few steps away from the Old Riga downtown.

The name of the restaurant was born, inspired by the history of our little house - it was built at the beginning of the 19th century and served as the Gardener's house from where the park you can see now all around was started and old Latvian folksong and game. "Kasdārzā" in direct translation means "Who is in the garden". In Latvia everyone knows this game as everyone has sang and played it in childhood.

We keep that tradition live . Our beautiful garden is looked after by careful  gardeners, joined by our chefs who have collected the best that Latvian land, forests and rivers can offer to turn it into an unforgettable taste pleasure in their pots and pans. Our bartenders  playfully mixes cocktails and can sing you that song if you ask them :)